Pack Line Defense Certification Course

The Pack Line DEFENSE Certification Course
$125 for complete Course and Additional Materials

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  • Philosophy & Development of the Pack Line Defense
  • Defeating Ball Screens with the Pack Line Defense
  • Defending the Low Post with the Pack Line Defense

Get your Certification for Jim Boone’s Pack Line Defense with the absolute most comprehensive teaching and Pack Line Defensive development program on the market today.  This Course will provide you with greater depth into the Pack Line Defense and how to implement the system, more so than any Clinic or teaching Video currently available.  Learn with Coach as he dives deep into Creating a Defensive Culture with the Pack Line Defense, including philosophy of teaching and developing the Pack Line, while taking you through key defensive development drills in a virtual classroom and multiple all-access practice settings.

Coach Boone provides you with the teaching tools and Development Drills to maximize ball pressure while sealing gaps and Protecting the Lane. Boone also gives examples of his “jump up, jump back” and “leverage seeking” close out drills which are highly effective in both contesting perimeter three point shots and preventing penetration. His 4-on-4 Conversion Drills teach all elements of the Pack Line Defense and Emphasizes Player Communication. Boone walks you through the complete system from A-Z; including Ball Screen Defense and Defending the Low Post with the Post Trap, through extensive video review of teaching drills and game footage, along with Q & A opportunities, and much, much more.

The Pack Line Defense has proven to be effective at all levels from elementary teams to the NBA, and it will provide you and your Team with an effective defensive approach that allows it to compete successfully with the best teams on your schedule, in your conference or region. And, regardless of your Defensive Philosophy or System, The Pack Line Certification Course, will offer you and your system of play something of benefit. Make this investment and begin the process of developing your players into “Tough, Fundamentally Sound Defenders” by learning with one of the best teachers in the nation, and install this Defense into your system and culture today.

Course Includes:

  • Over Three Hours of Clinic Lessons, Developing The Pack Line Defenese
  • 96 Videos and over 8 Hours of All-Access Practice Video and Game Footage
  • Thoughts and Methodology on Creating a Championship Defensive Culture
  • Defeating Ball Screens and Breakdown Drills
  • Defending the Low Post and Post Trapping
  • 36 Different Drills utilized in Teaching Pack Line Defense
  • 2018 Free Fall Clinic Practice Plans
  • Beginning of Season Practice Plans
  • Post Season Practice Plans
  • Pack Line Trouble Shooting Guide
  • 1/1 Virtual Meeting Opportunities with Coach Boone
  • Direct Access with Jim Boone for Q & A
  • Defensive Handouts

Click Here to view Pack Line Certification Course or Purchase

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