Building a Championship Program: The Jim Boone Way

Building a Championship Program: The Jim Boone Way                   – $125.00

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Legendary HOF Coach Jim Boone releases his Building a Championship Basketball Program: The Jim Boone Way, where he shares with you his thoughts and philosophy on building a successful basketball program, creating a winning culture, along with an inside look at his infamous Pack Line Defense and Blocker Mover approach to Motion Offense.  This video centers around Coach Boone’s successful Fall Coaches Clinic and includes over 6 hours of Clinic instruction, two Team Practices, along with guest speaker Bob Szorc from Appalachian State university and much, much more. 

Coach Boone invites you behind the curtain, to learn the ideas on culture building, systems and teaching methodology that has led his programs to numerous championships and milestones.  This is a much have video for all coaches regardless of level or philosophy, there is something here for everyone.   

Seven Jam Packed Sessons: 

  • Clinic I:      Team Practice (Emphasis on Pack Line Defense & Development)
  • Clinic II:    Bob Szorc, Appalachian State: Developing Program Philosophy
  • Clinic III:  The Best Things I’ve Seen in Coaching
  • Clinic IV:  Blocker Mover Approach to Motion Offense and End of Game Strategies
  • Clinic V:   Pack Line Defense Modifications and Defeating Ball Screens
  • Clinic VI: Team Practice II (Emphasis on Offensive Development)
  • Clinic VII: Q & A with Coach Jim Boone

This Video Presentation was Filmed by Robertson Professional Media Video Productions

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