Jim Boone Announces The Blocker-Mover Approach to Motion Offense, A Master Class

The Blocker-Mover Approach to Motion Offense, A Masterclass – $125.00

Legendary HOF Coach Jim Boone releases his Blocker Mover Approach to Motion Offense, A Masterclass Course, where he covers everything you need to know about this simplistic approach for both Players and Coaches. Coach Boone has provided very specific roles and responsibilities for Screeners and Cutters, in order to enhance and shorten the learning curve associated with Motion Offense. The Pairs Alignment provides specific Offensive Progressions for the Decision Maker creating a 1-2-3 thought process in getting to the Next Action. The Alignment creates specific movements for Driving opportunities and Bailout Passing options.  As well, Coach Boone reviews how to incorporate the modern day approach to offense with Ball Screen situations. And lastly, Coach will walk you through, with both instruction and video demonstation, how to develop the Offense. If you are looking to master your motion offense with a simplistic yet ultra successful approach, this course is for you.

Coach Boone’s Motion Offense Four Teaching Layers: 

  • Layer 1: Pairs Alignment Basic Movement
  • Layer 2: Driving and Feeding the Low Post
  • Layer 3: Incorporating Ball Screens
  • Layer 4: Alignment Nuances
  • Layer 5: Offensive Development

Coach Boone breaks down Game and Practice Film into detail, sharing his lifetime of experience as a successful collegiate head coach on how to perfect your motion offense.

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